Courage to Re-Connect: Finding Your Way Back Home

By Natalie Wohlstadter

How does ancient Vedic Wisdom apply to our modern day society that is becoming more and more a digitalized? Our network of relationships now has expanded into such a vast outreach that is greater than ever before. Technology has created a completely new way of being in relationship with one other. Within this vast ocean of new possibilities and relating to one another, beyond just a concern to connect with a good wifi signal, we must have greater concern with maintaining an excellent connectivity to our honest expression of ourselves. Here Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy reminds and equips us with the necessary tools to re-align, find balance, moderation, stability, authenticity, and connectivity with our higher Self, and the ability to thrive in any situation using powerful time-tested tools that can be applied to modern day life.

Just like the ocean is deep and vast with strong turbulent tides, you wouldn’t go out into the middle of an ocean, during a storm and jump out of your lifeboat without at least knowing how to swim—yet we do this very thing every day. Have you ever sat down on the couch and turned on the television, or opened your computer and all the sudden such a length of time has passed because you somehow you lost yourself and your sense of time, totally pulled in by its forceful current?

Human beings can be so unique that sometimes they intentionally jump in consciously just to drown in it all—to get lost and distracted from what is real. Because what is real is just too painful, uncomfortable, or just too mundane and boring. But most of the time we jump subconsciously, without awareness into cyberspace, or any activity for that matter, without the life-vest or floaties of consciousness, awareness, discipline, self-restraint, and remembrance of your Self and your needs. Ultimately we get lost, and we remain there intentionally or without even knowing it.


Reflection/Journalling :

What activities or actions do I partake in regularly that I get lost or perform mechanically?

Where and how can I add more awareness in my daily life and activities?


Pranayama Practice for Re-Connecting : ANULOMA VILOMA

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