Svasta: Returning to Self

Living in our fast paced world, its easy to lose track of our authentic Self. We might not even know what authentic self even means, or where it is located. SVASTHA is a beautiful term in Sanskrit which means to be situated, or seated within your true Self. The root Sva is the self, and Stha is to stand. Svastha also means health. Therefore, to be truly situated, present, embodying and aware of your authentic Self is one definition of Health according to Ayurvedic wisdom. It is easy to get distracted from Svastha, and get carried away with the obligations and responsibilities of our daily life- this is normal, and natural. But it is completely possible and in-fact entirely a conscious choice to continue to remember how to return back to this place of authentic situation within the highest version of your Self in every waking moment of your day.

Take a moment to imagine that it’s the end of a long work week, or a long day. You are experiencing tiredness, fatigue, maybe mental and physical exhaustion-what is your first impulse? Is there a craving to go out, impulse to get a drink, watch a movie, eat at your favorite restaurant, grab your favorite food, go online, go to a party, socialize with friends & family, let off some “steam” and distract yourself a bit from the rat race— or rather do some relaxing activity such as laying on the couch, meditating, taking a bath, going on a walk in nature, or simply just resting and being entirely present and honoring your fatigue?

There is no wrong answers, in fact whatever you decide is just a reflection of your mental habit patterns or Samskaras. So to observe your conditioning you simply just need to bring awareness to your thoughts which often instantaneously manifest themselves as your actions. If you start to watch the thoughts, and slow down the speed in which they manifest into actions, you are getting a bit closer to re-programming yourself. By watching your thoughts before taking action you are opening a doorway into making more conscious choices that are more in alignment with who you really are, by honoring your deeper needs of your physical body, mind and soul.

Finding and living from this truly authentic expression of yourself is to arrive into Svastha, situation within your highest Self. Svastha is ultimately where Ayurveda leads us back to if we apply patience, diligence, and practice in applying Ayurvedic principles of right living, behavior and relationship in our daily life. Application of Ayurveda has the incredible potential to guide us towards remembering how to embody a stable, strong and authentic situation within your highest Self.


Practices of Returning to Svasta:

  1. Take a few conscious deep breaths when you first wake up in the morning.

  2. Pause between activities and take a few deep breaths before starting the next activity

  3. Feel the connection between your body and the earth.

  4. Place your hands on your heart and check in with yourself in this moment.

  5. Remembering your breath throughout the day.

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