The Journey Inwards: Discovering Prakruti

By Natalie Wohlstadter

Ayurveda is considered one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world, dating back to over 5,000 years ago. Originated from states of deep meditation, Rishis (experienced meditators from the Himalayas) had the insight and clarity to directly experience the laws and universal truths of nature within their physical body & mind. Thus Ayurveda is a nature-made system remembered and experienced through the insight of experienced meditators, rather than a man-made creation. In remembrance of the inherent truths and rhythms of Nature, Ayurveda showers us with a magnificent body of wisdom, allowing us the opportunity for profound healing and re-alignment of body, mind and spirit.

Fast forward 5,000 years to this present moment, how does such an ancient system apply to our modern day society? It is now more than ever that society needs this ancient healing wisdom that Ayurveda has to offer. Why? Because now in our modern day society it is more common to find a disconnect rather than a harmony, union, and synchronism with Nature. Ayurveda teaches us how to remember how to reconnect with the nature around us, as well as our true nature within us. The path to healing is inwards, not outwards. After all, Ayurveda was discovered not by looking outwards, but by turning inwards to realize not just the laws of nature, but our internal nature, or Prakruti.

Prakruti is Sanskrit for Nature- both internal and external. The basis of Ayurveda is establishing an understanding and harmonious relationship between your environment and your unique nature. Prakruti is your constitution, or your genetic code, personality, and inherent tendencies which are fixed at the time of your conception. Only until you know your Prakruti can you understand how to find stability and harmony in relationship with your outer environment through diet, lifestyle, behavior, and relationship. Finding your Prakruti is a journey inwards through examination of your authentic nature.

To explore your Prakruti you can take the constitution quiz found below. Because Prakruti is your constitution set at the time of your conception, make sure you fill it out for how you remember yourself as a child (or as far back as you can remember) versus how you feel in the present moment. This quiz will give you a broad, generalized perspective on your Prakruti. For a more in depth analysis and picture of your Prakruti you can make an appointment with Purnamaya Ayurveda for a full, comprehensive consultation. The knowledge of your Prakruti, is the foundation of your healing journey. With this insight, we can create a completely customized diet & lifestyle plan that is uniquely fit to you.

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