Initial Consult

In person or by skype/phone

An initial consult includes-

  • Complete health history

  • Insight into your unique constitution & current state of imbalance 

  • Ayurvedic Pulse & Tongue diagnosis

  • Personalized diet, lifestyle and herbal recommendations 

  • Relaxation through marma, aromatherapy, meditation and breathing practices

90min $120 in person

90 min $100 by skype/phone


A constant stream of warm oil on the 3rd eye that soothes the nervous system and balances insomnia, stress & anxiety

calms the mind, allowing deep relaxation, peace and clarity to unfold.

1 hr $100


Netra Basti

In this treatment, a dough "dam" is placed around the eye one at a time, then luke-warm ghee is poured slowly inside while eye exercizes are performed allowing the ghee to penetrate deeply into the eye. Netra basti soothes the eyes & the nervous system while benefiting eyesight. It also helps in the prevention and treatment for dryness, allergies, redness, itchiness, and eye diseases.  

You can expect clarity of vision, and an refreshing change of perspective after this nourishing treatment. 

90 min, $120

Follow-Up Consult

In person or by skype/phone

A follow up consultation includes-

  • Assessment of progress, changes, and goals.

  • Continuing education & recommendations on diet, lifestyle, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and herbs as needed

  • Relaxation through marma, aromatherapy, meditation and breathing practices

60-90min $100

Abhyanga Oil Massage

Oil is called snehan or love in Ayurveda. Abhyanga is a treatment done during an Ayurvedic cleanse (Panchakarma) to help detox the body and revitalize the entire system, but can also be done as a stand alone treatment. During Abhyanga warm oil is poured over the whole body to loosen toxins in the lymphatic system. This treatment is beneficial for those seeking stress relief, emotional balance, mental tranquility, and relief from dry skin, arthritis, painful joints, and insomnia. You will leave this treatment feeling relaxed, grounded, and re-connected to your higher Self. 

75 min. $100

90 Min. $150 with full body steam


Guided Cleanse

A Personalized cleanse & detoxification of body, mind and spirit according to your schedule.


  • Initial Consultation

  • Herbal Products to support detoxification

  • 3 hours of Ayurvedic treatments daily including traditional Ayurvedic Abhyanga (oil massage), Svedan 

  • Kitchari (Ayurvedic detoxification stew) for 3 meals daily

  • Daily check-ins, guidance and support

3-7 days, Prices vary

Marma Therapy

Pressure point therapy that releases deep seated emotions from the tissues and organs transforming them into pure awareness, consciousness and bliss. 

1 hr $100

External Basti

A dough "dam" is placed on the site of pain then warm oil is poured slowly and intermittently throughout the duration of the treatment as a way to bring heat & perspiration to release toxins and deep seated pain

Location of Basti-

Prstha- Whole spine rejuvination

Kati- Lower back, tension release 

Hrd- Heart centered

Manya- Neck, tension release

Janu-Knees, freedom & flexibility 

Nabi- Navel, digestive ease

1 hr $100 each


Sound Healing

Relaxation Therapy

An individual sound bath using the deep resonant frequency of the Tibetan singing bowls, allowing your body, mind, and spirit to completely relax and release unresolved thoughts, feelings, emotions and trauma that are stored deep within the connective tissues of the body. This therapy can help unfold the deep, restorative state of awareness that truly allows the body to heal and rejuvinate

30 Min $50